Welcome to the Catenian page for the West Somerset Group of Parishes.

The Catenians are “proudly Catholic” and its membership is comprised of men who are practising members of the Roman Catholic Church.  Any practising Roman Catholic man is eligible for membership.

The aims of the Association are:

  1. To foster brotherly love among our members and to develop social bonds among our members and their families
  2. To support one another in the practice of our Faith.
  3. To support and encourage Brothers, their families and widows as needs arise.
  4. To support Brothers in difficulty or need including maintaining and administering benevolent funds through the Catenian Association Benevolent and Children’s Fund
  5. To advance the interests and development of young Catholics and to assist them in the choice or pursuit of a career, including the promotion and support of the Catenian Association Bursary Fund.
  6. To help our clergy and to encourage and support vocations to the religious life in appropriate ways.
  7. To support charities which the Circle, Province or Association considers are worthy and relevant.

The Catenians are an international organisation, which was founded in 1908 by Louis Casartelli, the then Bishop of Salford.  The Association is divided into provinces, which in turn are divided into branches called ‘Circles’ because the formal part of meetings are conducted with the chairs arranged in a circle and the members are called ‘Brothers’ to reflect the mutual support and sharing of common values found within the Circle.  The Brothers meet, at least once a month at The Walnut Tree Hotel in North Petherton.

The name Catenians comes from Catena, the Latin word for Chain. Each member is seen as a link upon which the strength of the whole chain/circle depends.

New members are most welcome.

Prospective members are invited (without obligation) to join in one or two social activities and then come along to a couple of meetings as an observer: we are very definitely not a secret society! If at that point you feel you (and your wife if you are married) would enjoy the benefits of membership then you would make formal application through the Catenians with which you have made contact.

If you would like more information please contact:

Michael Keenan 01984 634731

Some helpful websites

West Somerset Circle site:  http://www.west-somerset-catenians.co.uk

Province 13 site:  http://www.province13.org.uk

Catenian National site:  http://www.thecatenians.com